March 20, 2008

Embossing Powder Splash!

It kinda sounds like a funky cocktail, doesn't it!
Happy Thursday!! I have been playing and thought I would share a new technique I learned. Sherree and I went up to Custer's Last Stamp last week and we learned this technique. All I kept thinking was with all the wonderful embossing powders that Sparkle n Sprinkle carry the possibilities are endless!! Anyway, I played with different colors and different stamps and this was my favorite. Here are the directions:

1. Take a small piece of Reynold's wrap release aluminum foil about 4x6 and sprinkle a healthy amount of detail embossing powder onto it.
2. Carefully pick up foil and heat from underneath with a heat gun until all powder has melted.
3. Allow powder to cool, but don't allow it to get cold before moving onto the next step.
4. Slowly pull foil away (no need to tear it), from melted embossing powder until you have removed the enitre melted puddle of embossing powder in one whole piece.
5. Take a piece of card stock you want your impression on and place the melted powder on it. No adhesives are needed for this step.
6. Take the stamp that you want to press into the melted powder and ink it with Versamark ink. This will keep the stamp from sticking to the embossing powder.
7. Heat the piece of melted powder until it is molten again. At this point the powder will stray from it's original puddle and make a very unique new "splash"
8. Immediately...without any hesitation, press you inked stamp into the hot embossing powder.
9. To add color, dip your fine tipped paint brush into pearl-ex mica pigment powder and color onto the stamped impression.
10. Attach the new piece onto your background card stock and finish card.
11. If your piece has cooled and buckled, turn it over and warm it by heating it with your heat gun. Keep the heat gun moving back and forth so that you don't melt the powder. You'll see the paper unbuckle.

Sorry for not getting the directions next to the appropriate pictures, but I haven't figured out how to get them to move down on this silly blog.

If you try this technique please send me a copy of your card, I would love to see them!!


Etha said...

Wow that looks absolutely amazing, will have to try this some time!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this! Your card is so cool!

Kim's Life said...

Very cool!!!!