May 12, 2008

Mounting Rubber Stamps to Use with Acrylic Blocks

Supplies Needed: Cling Cushion, Unmounted Rubber Stamp, Craft and Rubber Scissors, Acrylic Block, Double sided tape, Black Stazon.Remove paper from the cling side of the cushion. Place double sided tape on the back of rubber stamp and stick to acrylic block, take note to line the stamp up with the corner of the acrylic block. Ink stamp with Black Stazon and line up the stamp with the corner of the cling cushion and stamp. Let ink dry about 10 minutes.
Remove the stamp and double sided tape from the acrylic block and peel the paper from the sticky side of the cling cushion. Place stamp on sticky side making sure to line up the corner like you did on the cling side.
Trim the rubber and cling cushion, take care to hold the scissors straight, not at an angle and make strait cuts, not curves. Cut close to the image.
Place cling mounted stamp on acrylic block and ink like you would a wood mounted stamp. Clean the stamp and remove from acrylic block.

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