June 5, 2008

Back from Tallahassee and see what we did!!

WOW!! Did we have fun!! We started out just making some cards. We made several cards, then thought of trying this stencil technique on cards, then the idea went to doing the canvases and we spend the next day and a half doing these. I did the "Happy Place" and Trish did "Bliss". Since I have my new stamp room Jim has been calling it my "Happy Place" so I went with the idea, since it is oh so true. My room is my little safe haven that I retreat to and forget about everything else.

We started by using the reinkers and coloring the white acrylic paint and painting the backgrounds. Then Trish inked up the stamps and stamped on the background with Bashful Blue. I sponged on a darker tone of my Groovy Guava. Then we embossed the stamps we wanted to use. I used Seaside stamp set from Stampin' Up! and Trish used From the Garden. We painted them using Lumiere mixed with reinkers also, then cut them out. Trish stenciled the border on hers with Choc Chip. Then we used Texture Magic and stencils and put on the designs. I put on the swirls and my words, and Trish put on the ivy and word. We both used reinkers to dye the white texture. The words were hard to do becuase we had to wait for the texture to dry between each letter, so it took a long time.
Then we glued the stamped images on with Modge Podge. I wanted an osprey in mine, so I ended up drawing him on cardstock then painting him.

For the center of Trish's flowers and the sand on the bottom of mine we used brown glass beads that we picked up at Michaels. I added some Dew Drops to my waves, and in the corner. I liked the whimsical feel it gave the canvas.

We are both very happy with how they came out and are already planning the next canvas we will do. Trish had done some before, but this was my first time and it was a learning process. I ended up doing it twice. I didn't like the first one I did and had to scrape off everything and start over. But I'm glad I did!!

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