August 18, 2008

Flip Album

Happy Monday, what a great and busy weekend. I had the 2 club workshops, and a birthday party, and working out with Lexie!! lol She started volleyball last week and has a rigorous workout to do 6 days a week that I have been doing with her. Boy, am I going to be in shape!! lol
Running 2 miles, and the 8 minute abs....she has to do more, but that is the part I'm doing with her.

Anyway, here is what I also managed to squeeze in this weekend. I got all my pictures printed from our Chicago trip last month and I wanted to scrap them. Well, on one of my blogs I read they had this terrific flip book that I had to try. It uses half a scrap kit, and I had plenty of those already opened, so I picked the Sell-a-bration one from 2 years back. I love the Certainly Celery floral print! You can find the great tutorial here.
I was amazed at how many pictures I was actually able to fit in this album. I got 26 of the 85 pictures, but it gives a pretty good overview of our trip.
This is a view of the accordion that flips out from the center. In the tutorial she has it vertical, but I had more horizontal pictures, so I flipped it. Then I realized it was falling open every time I opened it, so I made the paper clip to hold it closed. I like the little extra embellishment.
Here it is all opened.

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Michelle Adams said...

Neat project! Very cute!

t said...

Fabulous book Jilly! Can't wait to hear all the details of would be like a fantasy shopping trip. You rock. Score-Pal rocks! Bill can't believe how easy it is to use it and he had to try it himself! You would have chuckled watching a little boy!