August 22, 2008

WHOO HOO!!! I've been published!!

How exciting to find a complimentary copy of a magazine in the mail saying that your cards submitted are published in it!! I was so excited. You can go buy your own copy of "Just Invitations" if you like, I've seen them at Books a Million. I sent them in a couple months back and hadn't heard anything, so was assuming that they weren't being used. This is the first time in a magazine. Hopefully I can submit more and this will be the first of many!
The stamps are all Sparkle n Sprinkle. The top two cards are mine. The Housewarming Party, and the Max in the martini glass is mine. The left pictures are the insides of the cards.
Then, the Wedding Shower card is mine. The cover is vellum and the inside invitation is printed under the wedding bells.

Hope you have a great Friday....I now I am!!


Michelle Adams said...

Wow! Congratulations Jill!!!

xxoo Tammy said...

Whoo Hoooo! Who's the bestest??? YOU are. I sent an e-mail to the entire Scrappin' Sistahs' group. Hee hee. You rock! Your cards rock! xxooTammy

Shirley said...