September 8, 2008

Computer Problems!

Hi all....sorry it has been to long since I posted. We've had a bad virus on our computer and it has taken a couple of days to get rid of it!! But I think all is well least the pictures loaded this time:)
After the club workshop on Saturday (which was fantastic!!) we went out on the boat. It was a beautiful day and the water was so refreshing. We were looking for a scallop because Lexie and I had never seen one. They are in about 6 feet of water between grass and sandy bottom. We found a few and just observed them.
The blue spots are all the tiny eyes that look out when it starts to open, and all the feelers.
So beautiful!!
A close up look when it starts to open. What a wonderful creature God has created!!

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Michelle Adams said...

I have never seen a scallop, and had no idea what they looked like. Thanks for sharing this, Jill!