September 20, 2008

How I display my Handmade cards

My mom doesn't stamp as much as she paints. She hand paints her cards and adds a little bit of stamping. She always adds her signature "insect" stamp on all her cards, sometimes it's a ladybug, or butterfly.
This cute card is from Sherree. I've been wanting to share all these wonderful cards, I finally got around to it!!
Kathy made this neat pinwheel out of the tag punch!
I just love all the special cards people give me and send me that are home made, and I love to look at them, so I display them in my kitchen. This is my pantry door with the cards stuck through.
This one is from Maddie.
This is from Michelle.
Trish knows I love flamingo's!
Angela remembered my birthday.

If you have a way to display your cards, please share, I'd love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend!

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xxoo Tammy said...

Well well well....I think I will send you a card!!!!!!!! Feeling creative this weekend :>

Hope you are good and making your wish list for X'mas. I will deliver it to Santa..promise :>