February 20, 2009

Valentine Paint Can

My niece has been working on this valentine present for several weeks and is finally finishing it up. It's a bit late, but it is beautiful and I'm sure it will be appreciated. She is so talented, and as a great eye for details and color.
The card is a secret panel card with the mosaic front, and two panels on the inside. She used multiple stamps and accessories on the card and paint can.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by.


seamom said...

The mosaic front is striking! I'm off to find out how to replicate it......

Tammy said...

I agree--that's the most beautiful mosaic birdie ever!!!!

Love the secret panel card and her paint can. Sooo sweet.


MaryNSC said...

O wow that is so Pretty!!!I loves Flamingos too. And Cockatiels..:O)Your room looks like a very HAPPY Place..