May 24, 2009

Shaving Cream Fun

Ever have fun with shaving cream?? I remember when my girls were little I would take plastic cups and fill them with shaving cream and let them add food coloring to it and then paint and play with it in the bath tub. The had fun, learned about mixing colors, and got clean, all at one time! Anyway, this technique always takes me back to those day. Fill a plate with shaving cream and drop a couple drops of re-inker in the shaving cream (you can use 2 -3 colors) I used Pink Passion and Green Galore. Then take a butter knife and cut through it turning the plate, this blends the colors and creates patterns. Take a piece of cardstock and lay it down in the shaving cream and press it down and lift it up. I use my bone folder to scrap all the shaving cream and you have a beautiful background paper. I usually do about 4 pieces of cardstock with one dish of cream, each one ending up different.
I used my summer monkey for this one. The background I cut into three sections and layered it on Pink Passion.
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