November 3, 2009

Flamingo Fun

Last week on of the ladies at church, who was up in NC all summer came back, she said she had something for me. It was this cute flamingo. She said she was at a store shopping with a friend and saw this and thought of me. It made me feel so special that she thought of little ole' me when she had been gone all summer. It was funny because I had just told my sister I needed to find a little flamingo for my van. So this was perfect. It even comes with my own star I get to name!! I made the thank you card to match.

Jim and I were invited to a Halloween Party and these are are costumes. You can't see it but I have a cupcake apron on. I was a Cupcake Diva, and Jim started out to be the Cupcake Boy (the hat) because he is a halloween baby, but then it morphed to a Hippee Cupcake boy, then kinda like an Elton John with the glasses added!



Pam said...

What a sweet friend you have - now you can smile everytime you see your flamingo! Love those costumes!

seamom said...

How fabulous! I love the card and the cuddly pink flamingo. Best of all is a good friend who cares that much......
You and DH look as though you would surely win a costume contest, as well as be the life of the party!