April 14, 2014

Journal 52 Post

 Hi Stampers,
I'm having a lot of fun doing the Journal 52 posts.  Last week was Rain or Shine and I ended up stamping my umbrella with the Swirl Umbrella and using that as an outline to paint over.  The sun and rainbow is a stamp also.  The background was done with tissue paper to create a texture and then acrylic paints and water to make them run.  The letters are stickers with white pen over them.  Trying to add some more personal journalling to my pages instead of just quotes.

My second page is this weeks prompt of Party Animals....I just totally drew a blank on this prompt and had this background already done in my journal, so I went for magazine pictures.  I found an article about furry monsters and the one on the right was actually called Party Animal...so I thought that fit.  I'm not a party animal so I didn't have any other ideas for this prompt.  I guess they can't all be easy and fun??

My last page is in my altered book that I started last year and it's a song using my One Little Word for the year "Love"  This song really speaks to me right now.

Hope you all have a good week and thanks for stopping by.


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