December 30, 2014

MIA - New Classes

 Hi My Fellow Friends and sorry it's been so long since I've posted!  Had a great time on the cruise and a wonderful Christmas....looking forward to welcoming the new year in with new and exciting classes!  I have been creative over the past month, but I took a bunny trail down a crocheting trail....and got totally addicted this year.  I haven't crocheted in years and have been making a variety of different things!  Finally got back in my stamp room this week with some rubber and it felt so good and refreshing!  Looking forward to more:)
I have started my calendar for January and these are the first cards of the year at my Latte Luna Class.  Would love to have you join can find the details here.  I have all the dates listed for the upcoming classes and will be posting pictures as I get stay tuned!
 These are all Unity Stamps using a variety of much fun learning new things and being inspired!

Thanks for being a faithful follower and friend during my absence!
Rubber Hugs & Happy New Year!

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